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Project Send Anniversary


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Top athletes, thrilling competitions,Grand prizes and immersive activities


As we celebrate the second anniversary of Project Send, we're excited to bring you an international experience like no other. For this year, PSA-02 is proud to feature top athletes and guests from two powerhouse countries in the climbing world: Japan and Korea.

AUG 23-25, 2024


from PSA-01

Meet and Greet

Curated Japanese Guests, Setters and Athletes

Unforgettable Moments with Climbing Legends!

At PSA-01, attendees could sign up for workshops and gain from personal interactions, autographs, and photos with top Japanese climbers, fostering a strong sense of community and lasting memories.

This year, we’ve arranged for specific slots where our guest athletes will come to climb with you at PSA-02. Get ready for even more amazing opportunities and experiences.

Comp for all

Outdoor Climb Carnival, thrilling competition for everyone

PSA-01 Bouldering Carnival Highlights

Last year’s Bouldering Carnival at PSA-01 featured Enduro, Team, and Elite categories, offering fun and challenging competitions for climbers of all levels.

This year we have 4 categories, 2 finals, and an exciting lineup of experiences. With team finals, and a bigger prize pool, there’s so much more to anticipate!

We're also climbing for charity! For every team that hits over 10,000 points, we will donate $20 to Trybe. 

activities, food, community

Immersive Activities, Community and Connection

PSA-01: A Climbing and Wellness Festival

Last year, we partnered with ThriveX to offer ice bath experiences, The Physio Circle for physio consults, and Talking Scentsibly for essential oil therapy.

We also had hangboard challenges and silent yoga. This year, we’re looking to bring in more intentional partnerships and experiences for you.

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